Dear Friends,

It’s been quite a while since you have heard from us, but we haven’t forgotten about you! In the meantime we have informed our students and colleagues about our trip to South Africa, your warm welcome and the present situation at your schools.

We’re happy to be able to tell you that our pupils and parents have expressed a keen interest in supporting some of your future projects. We have already started to raise money.

Since it is rather difficult for us to decide on the distribution of the funds raised, we would like to suggest the following procedure:

  • Your school chooses a colleague who is responsible for keeping in touch with us.

  • Your school informs us about potential projects (e.g. teaching material, sports equipment, school fees for children in need etc.) and any money that may be required for future projects.

NB: Please note that our next meeting where these projects will be discussed, will be held in April. So please send us a fax/letter by mid-March at the very latest.

  • The money for the assigned projects will be transferred (to your school) by our local contact in South Africa.

In order to motivate our students and colleagues, to donate further funds in the future, we would appreciate it if you could send us some documentation/feedback regarding the usage of past money that has been donated as we think it is important for both students and parents to know how their money has been spent.

We’re looking forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you and therefore hope that you feel happy about the points that are mentioned above.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns.

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Kind Regards,