Beloved Arnold

I need to extend my appreciation at the warmth you have shown in the span of a very short time that we had the opportunity to know one another. 

Our school needs are broad in that most of the parent community we serve are unemployment and/ or rely on government driven grants.  However I would be thankful if you could address some of the following needs which are directly related to teaching and learning. 

Those needs are as follows 

The school has received a donation of 8 computers through a campaign spearheaded by Deutsche Schule Pretoria.  We now need to upgrade the computer center we have established by:

  • creating a network

  • increase the size of these computers

  • train or employ one educator on a full time

  • Train or employ one educator as a teacher librarian

Our long-term capital projects & needs are to improve the appearance of our building, the leaking roof, the damaged ceiling, the old, dysfunctional and prone to blockage toilet system, and finish erecting a security fence.  We are busy doing something about these, though with the meager funds at our disposal, it is difficult to cope. However with the assistance of people like you there is still hope and we shall definitely overcome these minor (though big) problems.

Kind regards



PS: Attached please receive letter from our learners. They are all in grade 7 and will be in grade 8 next year. The contents of the letters are original and not edited.